Customs brokerage

custom declaration

Do your business – and we’ll do the paperwork. Fast customs clearance of goods from China.

Customs clearance of goods from China in the process of placing imported-exported goods and cargo under customs procedures. Customs clearance implies customs clearance of goods for the subsequent performance of export-import or transit operations.

Registration of goods under a direct contract

For economic entities engaged in foreign economic activity, a separate procedure for the export-import of goods as provided for by law, if it is the subject of foreign economic relations. For the passage of commercial goods through customs, certification of goods is required. If the cargo is imported for the needs of an enterprise or for advertising purposes, a certificate is not required.

How can we help you

If you do not have your own licensed customs broker, our specialists will be happy to help you:

  • Fill in all the required documents.
  • Select and agree on TN VED codes.
  • They will provide full support at all stages of the clearance of goods imported from China.

How is the clearance of imported goods by our representative?

Wherever the cargo is sent from China, the customs broker of our company:

  • Fill in and submit a customs declaration.
  • Will register the product.
  • Prepare documents for imported goods – contracts and invoices, certificates, descriptions, and other documents provided for this category of imported cargo.
  • Рассчитает стоимость груза и исходя из нее, таможенной пошлины.
  • The goods will be inspected.
  • Pay fees, licenses, and fees.
  • Will receive the goods that have passed the inspection.

We carry out turnkey customs clearance of your goods. The processing time for goods from China depends on the type of goods and the purposes for which they are imported into the country.

Assistance in working with Chinese suppliers

Our company offers a unique form of cooperation. We will undertake the full cycle of transaction support:

  • We will find a supplier of goods in China and agree on the terms of the contract with them.
  • We will legalize all the necessary documents.
  • We will ensure your cargo.
  • We will develop a logistics delivery chain from China, taking into account your interests.
  • We will take over the customs clearance of the cargo.
  • We will provide storage facilities for storage, packaging, and sorting.
  • We will deliver the cleared cargo to the destination.