Car Freight from China

Auto delivery of goods from China

 Road transportation from China – door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world.

No supply chain is possible without road transport. Not all Chinese manufacturers agree to ship goods to a port or airport. Most often, the contract provides for the shipment of goods from the supplier’s warehouse or directly from the factory. The most optimal, fastest, and most economical type of delivery to an airport, railway station, or seaport in China is road freight transport. When building a logistic chain according to the door-to-door system, cars take a leading position.

Automobile delivery of goods from China

With road transport hubs throughout Europe, North America, and Asia and our partners, we ensure that your cargo is delivered safely and efficiently wherever it goes.

We offer:

  • Full load dispatch
  • Partial load transportation
  • Groupage transportation

Delivery of goods from China by cars to neighboring countries can be completed within 24-48 hours. To more distant destinations in Europe, we offer delivery within seven to fifteen days in all directions.

Our services

Delivery of goods from China by road is sometimes the fastest and most economical way. ENHOFCHINA will provide full escort of your cargo, as well as:

Will pick up the goods from the manufacturer's warehouse.

Will issue all accompanying documents.

Will ensure the safety of the cargo.

Deliver the cargo to its destination.