Cargo insurance


Cargo insurance is an effective way to reduce risks and unwanted financial losses. To ensure cargo from China, the client only needs to inform us about it, and our managers will do the rest.

Insurance of cargo from China for any type of transportation – sea, air, land, allows you to cover costs in case of its complete loss or physical damage. The whole difficulty of obtaining an insurance policy lies in the fact that, relying on a supplier or carrier, importers do not know what risks the insurance covers or what amount will be covered. That is why it is better to entrust insurance to a company that provides turnkey logistics services.

  1. We will offer you various types of insurance.
  2. Let’s talk about the pitfalls and benefits of different types of insurance.
  3. We will find a reliable insurance company.
  4. We will conclude a contract for cargo insurance on your behalf and check it for compliance with the laws of the exporting country.

Why buy insurance

Cargoes transported anywhere in the world are subject to a wide range of risks. Some of these include loss or damage due to:

  • Theft
  • Transport faults such as being dropped, rough, or mishandled.
  • A vehicle accident such as a shipwreck, plane crash or vehicle fire, traffic accident.
  • Exposure to moisture – rain or saltwater.
  • Temperature fluctuations.

Most of these risks are difficult for the product owner to manage directly. This is due to the fact that the goods will be transferred to the custody, storage, and control of third parties, which limit their liability for loss or damage to these goods.

Cost of cargo insurance from China

Insurance is usually provided on the basis of a percentage applied to the value of the cargo. The applied percentage is the percentage provided by the insurer as a premium. Thus, the shipping cost will consist of the amount of transportation and the amount of insurance.

Typically, the total insured value can exceed the actual cost of the freight and also cover freight costs plus an additional 10% for covered incidental costs in case of loss.

Your cargo will be protected from the moment it leaves the seller until the moment it arrives at the buyer’s warehouse. Insurance coverage protects your domestic and international transport from all risks. With our flexible approach to insurance, you don’t have to prove the carrier’s or third parties’ negligence to claim compensation.