Which is cheaper shipping from China or container by sea from China?

There was an interesting question: What is cheaper cargo shipping from China or shipping by container by sea?


The question is not quite correct.

Now I will explain why.

What batches take cargo delivery from China?

Through the cargo take most often small batches.

Or those goods that can not be brought in white.

These include branded goods that can not be exported from China without the permission of the copyright holder.

Or dangerous goods, which most often are not accepted in the assembly.

Once again, I would like to remind you that cargo shipping from China is illegal transportation.

If someone takes his goods from China through cargo, he risks to be left without goods and get in trouble with the law.

I want to draw your attention to another risk of cargo transportation from China:

The risk of not receiving a shipment sent via cargos

Besides the fact that a car with smuggled goods can be arrested at the border, it can literally burn up.

Why are some shipments classified as dangerous goods?

Because due to their physical properties, they can be destroyed in transit and damage other goods, as well as harm people and the environment.

These include flammable goods. Lighters, perfume, some cosmetics on flammable liquids, paints, varnishes, etc.

There are also self-flammable goods, such as batteries.

Not in vain on each type of transport there are rules of transportation of dangerous goods.

For example, when transporting dangerous goods by motor vehicles, they specify that the driver must have a license, i.e. pass a special training course.